US Grievance Activists Stand With Black Power Fists at UN — UN CALLS THE COPS!

Holder Built This…
Looks like the US torture activists can’t figure out what civility and decorum look like.
Tweets yesterday said the activists walked out while others were speaking.

Several anti-American grievance groups are in Geneva, Switzerland testifying before the UN Human Rights Council on torture and abuse in America.
Yes, really.

Today they stood with Black Power fists at the UN meetings in Geneva while US gvt delegation testified.
wade black power


Many held Mike Brown signs.

They stood until the US delegation was finished with their response.

It gets better…
The UN staff didn’t know how to handle the interference.

The UN called the COPS!

Even the America haters at the UN are calling the cops on this bunch.

At least FIVE COPS were called in!

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