#Ferguson Activists Call for Boycott of St. Louis – Hand Out Pamphlets (Video)

From a reader: My brother sent me these pics of flyers being distributed around St. Louis. He got them at his work at a retail store. He asked to not identify the store because he doesn’t want it targeted.

#Ferguson activists call for boycott St. Louis–
boycott stl

What idiots. Do they not understand this will only hurt the poor and middle class the most?


Here’s the back–
boycott stl 2

The bottom of the flyer references changeisonus.org which is the website for Onus, Inc with Jerroll Sanders as President. Among her accomplishments Jerroll Sanders ran for mayor in Detroit.

The group also released a YouTube video recently.
They are calling for a boycott of WalMart(?), Emerson Electric, Anheuser Busch Companies & Enterprise Rent A Car.

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