LIBERIAN WOMAN Hospitalized in Oregon With Ebola Symptoms – Arrived in US Tuesday (Updated)

A female visitor from Liberia was hospitalized in Portland Friday. The 21 year-old Liberian woman was being monitored and developed a sustained fever after she arrived in the US on Tuesday. EMS went to assess her in protective gear and determined she needed to be transported.

The woman arrived at Providence Milwaukie Hospital at 1 PM PT on Friday.
She is being tested for Ebola.

Her previous movements during monitoring were unrestricted.


The woman was being monitored, then isolated, now hospitalized.

The woman had a 102 degree fever.

The woman had a high fever this morning.

Here’s a summary of the media briefing on the potential Oregon Ebola case.

UPDATE: The 21 year-old woman is from Liberia. There has not been a status update on this woman in nearly 20 hours. She is isolated and being tested for Ebola.

UPDATE: The hospital said test results were not expected on Saturday, according to OHA spokesman Jonathan Modie.

“The patient does have an acute illness of some kind,” said Dr. Paul Lewis, Tri-County Health Officer. “Ebola is on a list of possibilities.”

Why hurry?

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