4.5 Million Problems But a Snitch Aint One – Al Sharpton Dodges Questions About Unpaid Taxes (VIDEO)

Earlier this year news broke that in the mid 1980’s Reverend Al Sharpton acted as a federal informant as a means to avoid charges in a cocaine bust. The good Reverend even went so far as to wear a wire.

Recently new allegations have surfaced that Rev Al Sharpton has failed to pay 4.5 million dollars in taxes and or tax liens from 2009.

With Sharpton’s record of throwing others under the bus to save his own ass, we attempted to find out if snitching was part of the plan to clear up his tax issues.

Progressives Today reporter Adam Sharp caught up with Sharpton in St. Louis on Tuesday and asked him that very question.

Video of that brief interview can be seen below.


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