EPIC Rant: Sheriff Clarke Says “Obama Encouraged Rioters” (Video)

Guess Post by Mara Zebest

When asked about Eric Holder’s statements on Ferguson, Sheriff Clarke begins his epic rant at a press conference with:

“I’m known for not sugar coating things. This pissed me off. I sat up and watched as things unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri. An unfortunate situation, obviously… But groups started to converge on Ferguson, Missouri like vultures on a roadside carcass. Groups like the New Black Panther Party. People like Al Sharpton. To come and exploit that situation… To pour gas on that fire with some of their inflammatory and irresponsible rhetoric.”

A recent interview on Cavuto, Clarke also discusses how “Obama encouraged rioters.

WTAQ has more:

The Milwaukee County sheriff told a national cable interviewer yesterday that President Obama indirectly encouraged the riots in Ferguson Missouri. David Clarke went on Fox News the day after a federal grand jury refused to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the August killing of Michael Brown.

On “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Clarke said he questioned Obama’s sincerity in urging calm after the riots began. In Clarke’s words, “Some of his political strategy of divide-and-conquer fuels this sort of racial animosity between people.” The sheriff also said he thought Obama’s comments were made with “a wink and a nod.” Cavuto did not ask Clarke to elaborate.


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