EPIC! Megyn Kelly Grills Joni Ernst on Castrating Hogs (Video)

Joni Ernst – Mother, Grandmother, Soldier, Farmer, Conservative, Veteran
joni ernst
In her first ad Republican Joni Ernst talked about castrating hogs on an Iowa farm. The Iowa Republican spent just $9,000 to air her first television ad.
But, it was a huge hit.

Tonight Megyn Kelly grilled the Iowa Republican on her farm chores – including castrating hogs.

Megyn Kelly: Alright, I gotta ask you about that ad. I’m a city girl. I grew up in upstate New York. How did it come about that you were castrating pigs on a farm when you were growing up?

Joni Ernst: Well, I tell you, it is a normal chore. A normal chore that is done all across Iowa.

Megyn Kelly: (laughing) It is?

Joni Ernst: (laughing) Yes, regardless of the type of livestock. So, when we ran that ad, you would be surprised but here in Iowa it just pulls us right back in our farm roots. And, I’ve had so many people say, “You know, Joni, I used to do the same thing when I was a kid, too.”

Megyn Kelly: How old were you? Was there an anesthetic involved for the pig?

Joni Ernst: Yes, my sister and I we worked together. (laughing) I tell you, yes, we were young girls. But it is a normal chore here, nothing too out of the ordinary.

Via The Kelly File:

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