Democrat: Obama Was Tone Deaf On Economy

tone deaf               Image (WOKV)

President Obama has been called many things by his political enemies, but after the whooping the Democratic Party took in the recent midterm elections, some Democrats have a few choice words for him as well.

The LA Times reports that a Democratic strategist claims Democrats stayed home on election day because Obama was “tone deaf” when it came to problems with the economy:

“The latest salvo comes from Stan Greenberg, the prominent Democratic pollster who conducts surveys for, and is politically close to, the House Democratic leadership.

On the central issue of the economy, Greenberg said, Obama was “out of touch” and “tone deaf” in his insistence on talking about a recovery that many voters don’t feel.

Middle-class and working-class voters, whose support the Democrats need, “are living in a different economy than he’s speaking of,” Greenberg said in a briefing for reporters on an election day poll he had conducted.

“He isn’t speaking to the main economic problem,” Greenberg said, adding that the lack of an economic message directed at the anxieties of average families had contributed heavily to low turnout of Democratic voters.”

If ignoring the will of the people was a disease then President Obama would be diagnosed with an incurable case. Because not only has he been ignoring the American people when it comes to the economy, but he has also been ignoring the American people when it comes to Illegal Immigration.

If the result of the midterm elections are indeed a result of The President’s tone deafness, then the Democrats have nothing to look forward to in the future but an epidemic of electoral failures.

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