Democrat James ClyBurn Says People Hate Obama “Because of His Skin Color” (Video)

It’s pretty clear that the Democratic campaign strategy this year was to play the race card… And if that didn’t work – to play the race card again.

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) told MSNBC that people hate Obama “because of his skin color.”

“And let me just say about Mary Landrieu. Mary Landrieu is from Louisiana. She knows the history of Louisiana like I know the history of South Carolina. And the fact of the matter is she reads some of the mail she gets, and I read some of the mail I get. For anybody to say there is nothing that is racial about some of the animus that is being expressed by Barack Obama, you just not telling the truth. The fact of the matter is, we know that with a lot of people, I don’t care what he does he is not going to be acceptable because of his skin color.”

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