The Communist Party USA handed out leaflets at Saint Louis University on Wednesday.

The Communists urged students to “take AmeriKKKa if the murdering pig walks.”
pig walks slu

Communist groups have been protesting in Ferguson since August.
chicago commies stl
Hardcore leftists and Communists confronted police in August. (Kenny Bahr)


The College Fix reported:

Students at Saint Louis University were handed a communist leaflet as they walked between classes Wednesday afternoon that declared “if the murdering pig walks, AMERIKKKA must be brought to a halt.”

The leaflet was distributed by two individuals associated with the Revolutionary Communist Party on Grand Boulevard, a busy street that intersects with the university’s quad and splits the two ends of the urban campus.

“If the decision is announced at night, the next day should be a day of NO BUSINESS AS USUAL at schools,” the leaflet stated. “Buildings on campus should be taken over, classes should become teach-ins on police murder of Black people. All this and more should be done.”

Its author is listed as Carl Dix, national spokesperson for the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. It called for individuals to “pour into the streets” if Officer Darren Wilson is not indicted.

“Major streets and highways should be blocked and traffic should be unable to proceed on bridges and tunnels,” the leaflet reads. “Professional athletes should join the response by refusing to play. Musicians should cancel appearances.”

An individual involved with the leaflet told The College Fix in an email that they “passed the leaflet out at SLU because college students have an opportunity to dig deeply into the reality that we live in a society that’s rooted in exploitation and oppression.”

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