CNBC Told Journalist to Quit Negative Obamacare Reports – She Was “Disrespecting Office of President” (Video)

CNBC told reporter Melissa Francis that negative Obamacare reports were disrespectful of president.
melissa francis

Francis told FOX:

“I’m trained in economics. I went to Harvard. This is what I do. You know, I looked at the math of Obamacare and it didn’t make sense. You said you can’t add millions of people and have it not cost everyone. You can’t add people with pre-existing conditions and not charge more. And, maybe folks would still be in favor of it if they knew the facts. But they needed to know the facts. So, I would pursue that line of questioning and after the show one day I was called up to my manager’s office and was told that I needed to stop. And I said, “Why? This is math not politics?” They said that I was disrespecting the office of the president.

Francis made the accusations today on FOX and Friends.

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