Chomper-In-Chief: Chinese Media Raps Obama For Chewing Gum at Summit (Video)

Barack walked into the venue with the Chinese Leader chomping away on his Nicorette gum.
The media called Obama “immature” and “disrespectful.”

Chinese internet users were enraged at Obama – the Nicorette King.
The Daily Mail reported:

Barack Obama’s behaviour at an important summit in Beijing has enraged Chinese internet users – because he was seen chewing gum.

The U.S. President, a known user of Nicorette, a gum used to stop smoking cravings, was seen chomping away at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) after emerging from his limousine at the Water Cube, the Olympic swimming venue, while traditional dancers performed around him.

Chinese Internet users, used to far greater levels of formality from their leaders, branded him an ‘idler’ and a ‘rapper’.

obama nicorette
Chomper in Chief (Daily Mail)

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