Canfield Drive – Site of Mike Brown Shooting – Becomes ‘No Go Zone’ for Reporters #Ferguson

Canfield Drive Becomes ‘No Go Zone” for Roaming Reporters
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In Ferguson, Missouri, the site on Canfield Drive where robber Michael Brown was shot dead by white police officer Darren Wilson is becoming a ‘no go zone’ for reporters.

As The Gateway Pundit reported Tuesday night several reporters were threatened and then robbed at gunpoint by people gathered at Canfield Drive to protest the grand jury decision to not indict Wilson in the August shooting of Brown.


Paul Hampel, a reporter for the St Louis Post Dispatch reported Tuesday he was told to leave Canfield Drive if he wanted to “leave alive”.

Later a group of reporters was attacked by a mob of masked protesters who threatened them with guns and hammers and carjacked one reporter’s Prius. The Prius was later burned by the mob.

About two hours before the carjacking Hampel posted a Vine video, seen above, that shows masked protesters at the Canfield Drive memorial.

The Riverfront Times reported a detailed account of the carjacking and robbery of a group of four reporters Tuesday.

“Emily Molli, a freelancer filing for Chinese network Xinhua News Agency, said she was standing behind the camera while her colleague Marcus DiPaola was filming. She said she saw a large group of young men wearing masks and carrying guns walk towards them.

“”They got closer and then I heard them say, ‘Turn the camera off, turn the camera off,” Molli told Daily RFT. “They came sort of at us and tried to grab the camera.”

“The crew packed up and began walking to their car, but Molli and DiPaola said the men followed them, yelling. The reporters managed to make it inside their Prius before the group caught up and began smashing the windows.

“”One guy pulled [the car door] back open, got a gun out of his backpack and pointed it at my head. He tells me to get out of the car and give me the keys,” said Molli. “That’s what I did.”

“”Fifteen to twenty males followed us with guns and hammers out,” confirmed DiPaola. “Every single one of them had masks on.””

The reporter who was carjacked, Marcus DiPaolo, reported Wednesday that when he went with a Fox News crew to Canfield Drive to check out his burnt vehicle, they saw a mob gathering to “get them” so they fled in fear of being attacked.

CNN reporters Jason Carroll and Don Lemon spoke Tuesday night about censoring their reports to help make the protesters look better to the public.

LEMON: So, Jason, my question was really, these are, wondering if these are people who want their voices to be heard or if these were just people who are agitators. You are right. If it is people who are agitators then you don’t want to give them any more publicity. There are many people there who just want their voices heard. Those, those guys are not those people, correct?

CARROLL: That is correct. Absolutely. Those are the kind of people — as you know, you get a mixed bag sometimes in these groups of demonstrators. But most of the people who are out here are out here because — they want to voice their support for Michael Brown and his family. Those who came up to us, those were not those people, they had a different agenda. So that’s why I feel as though it’s really not worth getting into what their agenda was. It’s not important.

DiPaolo posted this warning to reporters last night after being attacked:

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