British #ISIS Fighter Killed in Syria – Russian #ISIS Fighter Releases Video

Green-eyed William Hasmo Clinic, AKA Abu Abdullah, was killed in Syria recently.

Russian ISIS fighter Abu Muhammad Ar-Rusi released a propaganda video this week.
russian isis

Radio Free Europe – Radio Liberty reported:

The Islamic State (IS) group’s Al Hayat media wing has released a video message by an apparently ethnic Russian militant.

The video, released on November 2 via social media and jihadi forums, is titled “A Message From Brother Abu Muhammad Ar-Rusi” (“Abu Muhammad the Russian”). Professionally made, it is in Russian with English and Arabic subtitles.

Abu Muhammad, who speaks Russian without an accent, says that his message is directed to “Muslims who understand Russian.” He criticizes those who accuse IS of “atrocities” even though they have “abandoned jihad.” While IS has been accused of spilling blood, Abu Muhammad says that the Prophet Muhammad did the same.

“Allah’s Messenger [the Prophet Muhammad] (peace be upon him) killed 700 people after one of the battles. He killed 700 people. This is our prophet and this is our religion,” he says.

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