BREAKING: Hackers Leak Secret Security Report – Exact Date/Time of #Ferguson GJ Decision

The internet hacker group LocalLeaks leaked a security document that obtained from ADM Global Security.
The document gives the date and time of the Ferguson Grand Jury decision on Michael Brown’s shooting death.
Monday at or after 2:00 PM CST.
hackers leak time of ferguson report
From the document:

“The anticipated release date of the Grand Jury finding in the Michael Brown case is likely to occur on 10 November after 1400 local time. The National Guard, Army Reserve, FEMA and other federal agencies are deploying additional personnel to the St. Louis metro area in the days prior to 10 November as unrest and rioting is anticipated.”

Four National Guard helicopters flew over Kirkwood, Missouri today heading north towards Ferguson.
This is definitely not normal.



Armored security vehicles were also seen in St. Ann – just south of Ferguson Friday afternoon.

More photos of armed vehicles in Ferguson area.

UPDATE: The text may have been out for days.

UPDATE: It won’t be tonight.

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