Breaking: Clayton, MO Office Workers Told to Head Home Monday Afternoon, Choppers in Sky

A friend called to say Clayton office workers were told to go home at 1:00 PM this afternoon.
They were told an announcement on the Michael Brown case was imminent.

Also heard that a triage center was set up at University of Missouri campus in north county(?)
Area officials are anticipating mass violence.

** Helicopters are in the sky again in St. Louis city.


Last Friday four National Guard helicopters were seen in formation heading north from West County towards Ferguson.

Police are blockading some streets in Ferguson.

Police have been preparing for weeks.

On November 4, 2014 – Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch says the grand jury is still hearing testimony.

UPDATE: (3:30 PM CST) Just heard from a trusted source that military vehicles were seen heading to Ferguson – 20 minutes ago.

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