BREAKFAST BEATDOWN… Hungry Women TEAR UP McDONALD’S After They Were Late for Breakfast Menu (Video)

Late for the McGriddles–
Two Philly women were upset when they missed the breakfast cutoff at a local McDonalds.
broom beatdown

The women tore up the place and beat a patron with a broomstick.
(Warning on Language and Violence)

Mad World News reported:

Having crawled out of bed just a bit too late, two women were recently caught on tape throwing a super-sized adult hissy-fit because they’d been told that they missed the McDonald’s breakfast time. When a man stepped in to tell the woman to relax, they went berserk.

As reported by My Fox Philadelphia, the incident took place in a Philadelphia McDonald’s, where an onlooker decided to whip out his camera and record the incident from its beginning. After loudly mouthing off to employees on account of the terrible misfortune, one man decided to speak up, telling the women to take a chill pill as the employees were only doing their jobs – after all, those were the rules.

Unfortunately for the man, this opened the door for the women to commence a full on attack as they took their frustration out on him personally. Needless to say, the women completely destroyed the McDonald’s during their assault, even throwing chairs at the man.

Maybe Obama will call a McMuffin Summit and straighten this all out.

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