At Marathon Presser, Reporters Fail to Ask Obama about His Calling Republicans ‘Un-American’

President Barack Obama held a post-election press conference at the White House Wednesday afternoon. Over the course of the more than one hour long presser, not one reporter asked Obama about remarks he made Monday afternoon on the Frank Ski Show on WHUR-FM in Washington, D.C., in which he called Republicans “un-American” for supporting voter ID laws and working to tighten early and weekend voting.

The Gateway Pundit was the only outlet to report on Obama’s “un-American” attack on the Republicans.

In what can likely be ascribed to as racism, the White House press corps routinely ignores Obama’s interviews on Black radio shows.

Similarly the White House press corps ignored First Lady Michelle Obama’s interview with News One for Black America’s Roland Martin on Monday in which she joked about granting “full permission” to African-American voters to eat fried chicken as a reward for voting and to celebrate a Democrat victory.

Again it was The Gateway Pundit that first reported on Michelle Obama making light of her food-Nazi persona. Unlike WHUR which kept the recording of their interview with President Obama offline, News One made a recording of their interview with Michelle Obama readily available online.

The White House has not posted a transcript of President Obama’s interview with Frank Ski.

It is an important question that should have been asked: How does President Obama expect to work with the party he branded “un-American” just the day before they were handed a resounding victory at the polls by voters? And how does the Republican Party expect to work with a president who holds them in such deep contempt?

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