Supporters Donate $160,000 to #Ferguson “Cakes and More” Business Owner Natalie Dubose

Natalie DuBose just had her cake business vandalized on Monday.

This photo was taken after Natalie saw the damage to her store.
She opened her business in July 2013.

Natalie’s Cakes and More is located at 100 South Florissant Road in Ferguson.

After her store was vandalized a GoFundMe website was set up to help Natalie rebuild her business.

Today Natalie Dubose went on FOX News to talk about her experience. Natalie said her business took a hit after the rioting in August. She also said it is her only source of income for her and her two children. Before she opened her business last year Natalie would sell her cakes every weekend at local flea markets. She was so proud of her business. Then the looters and rioters ruined all of that for Natalie and the other local business owners.

Natalie was so gracious to the many Americans who donated to help her rebuild her business. She also said her children were helping her in the shop today to fill all of the new orders!

What a lovely woman.

UPDATE: $160,000 raised as of 5 PM CT.

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