16 Arrested At #Ferguson Police Department Including 9 New York Communists

The Communists came to Ferguson for Black Friday.

On Black Friday 16 people were arrested outside the Ferguson police department. Of the 16 arrested, nine were from New York; three from the Chicago area; two from California; one from Iowa and one from Berkeley in suburban St. Louis.

On Friday night Communist protesters gathered outside the Ferguson, Missouri police department.
commie flag ferguson

Many of the Communists were from the New York PLP revolutionary group.

This club, full of revolutionary potential, is an incubator for the kind of fightback that we need to build a communist movement. The key to winning is to organize black, Latin, and immigrant students on campus, those who bear the brunt of the bosses’ attacks. PLP is working to bring more and more students around to see that the fight has just begun, and that abolishing racism means abolishing capitalism.

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