PHOTOS: Dallas Crews Clean Up EBOLA VOMIT Without SUITS!

Guest post by Kristinn Taylor

A photo posted to Twitter by New York Post web editorial assistant Connor Ryan shows an unprotected family member delivering food to the quarantined Texas family of the Liberian man hospitalized with Ebola.

Photo: James Breeden/Splash News
In the photo, a quarantined family member is bringing in supplies left at the apartment door by Red Cross volunteers.

More… The media also released these shocking photos today:
sidewalk ebola
WFAA image of individuals pressure washing Mr. Duncan’s ebola laced vomit from the pavement/sidewalk. The men are not wearing any biohazard protective clothing or gear and there is a woman walking through the liquid in the parking lot wearing sandles. (wtd)

Here’s another photo of the unprotected worker cleaning up Ebola vomit on the sidewalk with a power washer.
ebola vomit
A worker power washes the sidewalk in front of the apartment unit at The Ivy Apartments where a man diagnosed with the Ebola virus was staying in Dallas, Texas October 2, 2014. Up to 100 people may have had direct or indirect contact with the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, and four people have been quarantined in a Dallas apartment, health officials said on Thursday. (REUTERS/Mike Stone)

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