VIDEO>>> Police Arrest Unruly CNN Reporter in #Ferguson

Another edition of liberal reporters behaving badly…
Police in Ferguson arrested around a dozen unruly protesters on Thursday evening outside the town’s local police station.
Mary Moore, a freelance journalist working for CNN, was among those arrested.

The Washington Post reported:

Police in Ferguson arrested at least a half dozen people on Thursday night, ending what had been a relatively tranquil period between the department and the protesters who have shouted at them.

Among those arrested was a freelance journalist who has worked for CNN named Mary Moore. The charges were not immediately clear.

A number of those arrested were part of an activist group known as the Millennials that have taunted the police for days. Late Monday night, they had linked arms and stood in the middle of the street, daring police to arrest them for “standing up for their constitutional rights.” Police eventually walked away from the protesters that night, and Capt. Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol said he respected their rights to peaceful protest.

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