VIDEO>>> ISIS Releases New Message from British Hostage John Cantlie- Mock Obama

ISIS Releases New Message from British Hostage John Cantlie (4 of 8)
cantlie 4
In the latest video Cantlie discusses the “meteoric rise of the Islamic state” and the Western media’s support “for yet another unwinnable war.” Cantlie goes on the quote John Kerry and Senator Rand Paul in the latest propaganda video. ISIS also mocks Barack Obama:

“Obama is terribly busy insisting US ground troops won’t be going back into Iraq. Thus even the Pentagon admits airstrikes are a stop-gap military measure that will not disrupt the Islamic State actvities. Meanwhile, America puts 1,200 troops into Baghdad to protect their embassy and the airport. Surely sounds like boots on ground to me… The rise of the Islamic State give Obama a chance to look tough in the media just as midterm elections approach.”

ISIS released the fourth video of poor British hostage John Cantlie today.

اعيروني سمعكم4 by muslllemah

John Cantlie is a British war photographer and correspondent who was kidnapped by British Islamic extremists while crossing into Syria on July 19, 2012, near Bab al Hawa.


As of 2014 Cantlie’s whereabouts are unknown. He has not appeared in print or on social media since late 2012 and the trial against one of his alleged captors collapsed in 2013 when he could not be summoned as a witness. His website is a dead link.

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