UNREAL. BBC Takes Swipe at FOX News After British Hostage Beheaded by ISIS (Video)

On Friday the ISIS terror group released video of the beheading of British aide worker Alan Henning.
Alan had gone to Syria to “help his Muslim friends.”

In the video the terror group promised to behead former US Army Ranger Peter Kassig next.

In response to the horrific act, the BBC invited on Ahmed Bedier from the United Voices of America Muslim organization. Bedier, who critics say is sympathetic to Muslim extremists, bashed FOX News.

BBC host: I’m trying to get an idea of people in the United States who associate the Islamic State (ISIS) to Islam and Muslims in general?

Ahmed Bedier: Far too many. The lines are blurring especially when you have pundits and talking heads on stations like FOX News that regularly blurring the lines of what ISIS is doing and what Islam stands for. There has been a number of what we consider, for example, incitement and basically blaming Islam for the actions of ISIS.

Alan Henning was just beheaded and the BBC takes swipes at FOX News?

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