TX Ebola Victim’s Family Quarantined UNDER ARMED GUARD After FAILING TO STAY HOME (Video)

The Texas Ebola victim’s family is quarantined under armed guard tonight.
This was after family members would not comply with a request to not leave their apartment.

Via On The Record:

Armed guards are watching the family tonight.
ABC reported:

Four members of a family the U.S. Ebola patient was staying with were confined to their Texas home under armed guard Thursday as the circle of people possibly exposed to the virus widened, while Liberian authorities said they would prosecute the man for allegedly lying on an airport questionnaire.

The unusual confinement order was imposed after the family failed to comply with a request not to leave their apartment, according to Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

Texas State Health Commissioner David Lakey said the order would help ensure the four can be closely watched, including checking them for fevers over the next three weeks.

“We didn’t have the confidence we would have been able to monitor them the way that we needed to,” he said.

The family will not be allowed to receive visitors, officials said.

Authorities were also concerned about the cleanliness of the home and hired a cleaning service, Lakey said.

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