The US Lost 1,335 Soldiers in Anbar – Obama Gives It Back to ISIS

The United State lost 1,335 soldiers in Anbar Province during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Another 8,205 soldiers were injured in fighting in Anbar.
anbar iraq US casualties
More US soldiers and Marines were lost in Anbar than any other Iraqi province. (ICasualties)

By 2008, thanks to the successful Bush Troop Surge in Iraq, the insurgents had been marginalized in Anbar. With insurgents “on the run” in western Anbar province, the US was able to drawdown forces in the sector. Anbar had been won by US forces.

But that all changed in 2011 when Barack Obama withdrew all US troops from Iraq. By 2014 ISIS had retaken Fallujah and, more recently, Abu Ghraib.

Today ISIS is in control of most of Anbar and has surrounded Baghdad. The terrorists are just miles from the city limits.
The Wall Street Journal reported:

In Iraq, militant forces operating in a swath of territory the size of California have extended their control of the roads and commercial routes in strategically vital Anbar Province, which connects the capital Baghdad to Jordan and Syria.

Anbar, which has critical infrastructure and whose eastern edge lies only about 25 miles from Baghdad’s center, is also in danger of falling wholly under Islamic State control despite weeks of U.S. strikes aimed at weakening the group, local officials say.

The province’s chief of police was killed in a bombing Sunday, officials said, heightening unease over the government’s ability to fend off Islamic State forces.

Meanwhile, Anbar’s provincial council, led by Sunni Muslims opposed to the Shiite-Muslim dominated central government, formally asked for U.S. ground troops to be sent to defend it. The request, which was unlikely to be granted, was seen by politicians as calculated to embarrass Shiite Prime Minister Haider al Abadi. But it also highlighted the disarray among the loose alignment of groups fighting Islamic State.

Anbar leaders wants US ground troops back in the province.
But that won’t happen. Obama has no intention of saving Anbar.

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