The Difference Between #Ferguson & Hong Kong Protesters in Photos (Take 2)

The protests in Hong Kong continue despite the lack of international media coverage.

The Hong Kong democracy protesters are in near unison stating that the protests are for the long term of the country and economic freedom. The protesters want Hong Kong to be able to elect its own leaders independent of the Chinese leadership.

This photo was taken Tuesday afternoon in Hong Kong.
The student protesters set up tables and brought their books to study.
hong kong student protesters
Photo by Joe Hoft in Hong Kong


Monday night in Ferguson the protesters stormed local Walmarts, harassed shoppers at Plaza Frontenac and screamed at Rams fans.
protesters frontenac
Protesters harass a shopper at Plaza Frontenac mall in St. Louis.

Tuesday in Hong Kong the police look mostly bored with their arms folded.

Meanwhile, Monday night in Ferguson a New Black Panther threatened to murder police.
nbp police

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