Figures. Obama Appoints Far Left Hack With Expertise in Revolutionary Politics as Ebola Czar

Clearly Obama has no desire to stop the spread of Ebola, highlighted by his appointment of a man with exactly zero medical background, but plenty political sycophant points.


Barack Obama appointed far left organizar Ronald Klain as Ebola Czar on Friday.

Ronald A. Klain
President, Case Holdings
General Counsel, Revolution LLC

Ron Klain currently employed by “Revolution“.
“Disruptive” “Revolution” “transformative change” from company website

From his firm’s “Beliefs” page:

Revolution’s Belief in a Better Way
A revolution’s success rests in the power of its beliefs. When enough people participate in the revolution, embracing its beliefs and acting upon them, a “tipping point” is reached: The status quo is no longer acceptable and everyone becomes a revolutionary.

Good grief.

Formerly Klain worked for Democratic leaders:

  • Senior White House aide to President Obama
  • Chief of Staff to Vice President Biden
  • Chief of Staff or Staff Director for Vice President Al Gore, General Counsel for the Gore Recount Committee
  • top debate preparation advisor to Presidents Obama and Clinton
  • Board Member of the American Constitution Society and the American Progress Action Fund

Klain also oversaw Obama’s failed trillion dollar stimulus.

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