St. Louis Walmarts Pull Ammo From Shelves Following Monday’s Mike Brown Protests (Video)

On Monday Mike Brown protesters stormed local St. Louis Walmarts.

The protesters stormed into a Walmart on Hanley Road in Maplewood, Missouri west of St. Louis.

The protesters chanted, “Shut it down!” outside the Hanley Walmart.
They targeted several local stores.


The police arrested several of the lawbreakers. protesters arrested maplewood Protesters being put in back of police van at Maplewood Walmart.

In response to the latest #MikeBrown protests, St. Louis area Walmarts have locked up their ammo.

KMOV reported:

Several Walmart stores in the St. Louis area have pulled ammunition from the shelves following recent protests.

Monday night, demonstrators made their way into Walmart locations in Maplewood, Ferguson and Bridgeton, forcing the stores to close while several arrests were made.

On Wednesday afternoon, the empty shelves at Maplewood looked like there had been a mass purchase of ammunition. But according to an employee, it was locked up in the back.

“I can see why they would think that would be a concern if someone did break in in mass and loot the place and steal ammo,” said shopper Tim Casey.

There were no reports of looting on Monday, but Walmart said it was a taking a precaution.

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