St. Louis Mayor Slay Calls for Gun Ban After Gun Felon Uses Stolen Gun to Shoot at Police

On Wednesday 18 year-old Vonderrit Myers, Jr. was shot dead by a police officer in St. Louis City near the Botanical Garden. Myers, Jr. reportedly shot at the officer three times during a chase before he was gunned down.

9mm Ruger was recovered from the scene. The gun was stolen.
vonderrit myers
Vonderitt Myers, Jr. was “no stranger” to law enforcement. He was wearing an ankle monitor for a previous gun charge.

In response to the shooting St. Louis Mayor Slay called for a federal or state gun ban in all major US cities.


Especially wanted to ask you to take a message back home to your constituents and to those who represent us in state capitols and in Congress. There are too many guns in our cities. The man who was killed was reportedly carrying a gun that he could not legally be carrying while on bail for a previous felony gun charge. It is as unlikely that he acquired the gun legally, as it is likely that gun was originally acquired legally by someone. Our neighborhoods will not be safe until there is federal – or, failing that, state – action to stop the flow of handguns through our cities. I have repeatedly called for that in St. Louis. Please lend your voice to mine.

Sorry Mayor Slay, more gun laws is not the answer.

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