Shock Video: Muslims Attack Christians in Europe

Muslims Attack Arab Christians in Europe–
This shocking report was posted recently at Gates of Vienna.

Christians are being attacked and harassed by Muslims in Europe.
One Lebanese Christian woman found the abuse so severe she was forced to move to a shelter. The woman told reporters how seven young Arabs surrounded her car and one put his foot on her hood,

Then he tells me, “Do you think I’m looking at you, f***ing ugly whore? See what you are wearing, bitch?” And then he sees my crucifix and says, “You are wearing a crucifix. That also makes you a Christian f***ing whore.” Then he says, “You know what we do to persons like you? You get stoned!”

The reporter interviews a local expert who says the problem with Christian persecution is more severe than what they have seen previously.
Translated by Vlad Tepes:

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