Sad… Houston’s “Victim” Mayor Caught Lying About Daughter’s Driver’s License

For the second time in two weeks Houston’s Mayor Annise Parker made national headlines for her foolhardy actions.
annise parker
Mayor Annise Parker

First, she demanded local churches fork over their sermons to her office.
Um… Sorry, Mayor Parker, that’s unconstitutional.

Then Thursday, she was caught lying about her daughter’s driver’s license.


The mayor, who is openly lesbian, tweeted out that her daughter was denied a driver’s license because she had two mothers.

She followed up her first tweet with another saying it took her daughter three trips to the driver’s license office before she was issued a license.

But, the mayor was not being quite honest.
The Texas DPS released a statement on the incident.
Via Addicting Info:

DPS Press Secretary Tom Vinger took issue with Parker’s recollection of events, writing in a statement:

“All individuals applying for their first Texas driver license must provide a variety of documents to prove their identity, Social Security Number, U.S. citizenship or lawful presence status, and Texas residency. In this case, the adult applicant did not initially present sufficient documentation to prove residency. Once she provided the required documentation, she was able to complete the transaction. There is no indication that any delay in the process was related to same-sex marriage.”

Source: Huffington Post

Her daughter, like many other applicants who walk into a licensing office, brought the wrong documentation.
It had nothing to do with her mother’s sexual orientation.
How sad.

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