REPORTS: ISIS Hits Baghdad’s Green Zone With Mortars Near U.S. Embassy

Reports: Mortars Land in Baghdad’s Green Zone Near U.S. Embassy

Earlier Monday CNN’s Ben Wedeman reported , “Several mortars have landed in Baghdad’s international (green) zone within the last 20 minutes. #Iraq”

Now Monday evening, early Tuesday in Iraq (seven hours ahead of EDT), there are reports that more mortars have hit the International Zone, including near the U.S. Embassy complex.

“Sky News Arabia reporter: Mortar shells fell near #US embassy in the green zone in #Baghdad”

A poster with the Twitter account @voice_ofIraq tweeted at 6:30 p.m. EDT (Arabic translation by Google)

“URGENT: a barrage of mortar fire pouring down on the Green Zone Now, near the American Embassy in Baghdad”

Defense One reported the mortars came from ISIS.

After weeks of sustained air strikes in Iraq, Islamic State fighters have reportedly hit Baghdad’s international zone with mortars on Monday.

The so-called “Green Zone” is in the heart of the city and lies along the Tigris River. The U.S. Embassy is located there, along with several Iraqi government buildings.

CNN’s Ben Wedemen, reporting from Baghdad, said several mortar rounds landed in the Green Zone, also referred to as the international zone.

Defense One said it is possible the mortars were launched from nearby Abu Ghraib, which the Gateway Pundit reported last week was occupied by ISIS.

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