Report: ISIS Accused of Using Chemical Weapons in Kobane Fighting (Photos)

According to the Middle East Journal of International Affairs (MERIA) ISIS is using chemical weapons against the Kurds in Kobane.
blistering kobane

MERIA reported: According to expert Israeli sources who have seen the pictures, they appear to indicate the use of some form of chemical agent, probably mustard (blister agent).

The bodies show no signs of damage from bullets and severe blistering.
blistering kobane 2


IBT Times India reported:

In what should be ‘dubbed’ as a heinous act, reports have emerged that the ISIS militants allegedly used chemical weapons against Kurdish fighters in Kobane.

The Islamic State militants, who have captured almost two-third of Kobane, reportedly used mustard gas (blister agent) against the Kurdish fighters.

The Middle-East Review of International Affairs (MERIA Journal) released a whole set of pictures to prove the use of chemical weapons against the Kurds.

The MERIA Journal report noted that the type of chemical agent used on the Kurdish fighters in Kobane has been verified by its Israeli experts, who after analysing the blisters formed on the bodies on several Kurdish soldiers found that it was caused by mustard gas.

The bodies of three Kurdish fighters showed no signs of damage from bullets. Rather “…burns and white spots on the bodies of the dead indicated the use of chemicals, which led to death without any visible wounds or external bleeding,” said Kurdish health minister Nisan Ahmed.

There was a report in September that 14 ISIS terrorists were killed while filling a chemical warhead near Baghdad.

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