Renewable Energy Protest Fails After Solar Battery Can’t Fill Up Balloon (Video)

The protesters were chanting, “Coal has got to go!” as their solar-powered smokestack withered to the ground.
coal balloon

Demonstrators in Madison, Wisconsin protested outside the Public Service Commission for more renewable energy in the state.

Sadly, their solar battery couldn’t blow up their balloon.


The MacIver Institute reported: Demonstrators gathered outside the Public Service Commission to protest against a requested rate structure change by the local utility company, Madison Gas and Electric (MG&E). During the protest, they decried the use of “dirty coal” and called for more renewable energy. To make their point, they had a blow-up coal power plant that was running on a fan powered by wind and solar charged batteries. Before the protest was over, however, the batteries died and their solar panel could not produce enough energy to keep the power plant standing upright.

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