Officer Darren Wilson Will Be “Eased Out” of Ferguson Police Department

Officer Darren Wilson will likely be eased out of the Ferguson Police Department following the release of the grand jury decision on the shooting death of Michael Brown.
darren wilson shooting
Wilson shot Michael Brown after the teen robber beat him in his police car.

The Ferguson police officer has received numerous death threats since the August shooting.
KMOX reported:

Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson is reportedly expected to be “eased out” of the department.

A source tells MSNBC that Wilson – who fatally shot Michael Brown that touched off months of protests – will be “eased out” of the Ferguson Police Department and might resign. The report also stated Chief Thomas Jackson would resign, but the department said that is not true.

“Ferguson Chief says he has not resigned, he has not been told to resign. He has not been fired. If he leaves, it will be his choice alone,” the department posted on Twitter.

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