Obama’s Paltrow Fundraiser Made Children Cry, Neighbor Wants Her Evicted

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Yes, things have gotten so bad now Obama even makes children cry.

The New York Times reported late Friday night President Barack Obama’s Democratic Party fundraiser held at the Los Angeles home of actress Gwyneth Paltrow made neighborhood children cry because they were kept away from their homes during the event.

“Traffic stood still, children were stranded at school, residents could not leave their own driveways. That’s not the way life is supposed to be lived in Mandeville Canyon.”

…““I have a crying child on a soccer field!” one woman yelled as she passed by. (She was one of the few residents who were allowed to drive through.)

“Mr. Lewis, in his post, said his family ended up in a restaurant “with a bunch of other displaced residents.”

““My 13-year-old daughter broke into tears, was unable to do her homework,” he said. “We finally got home at 9:00 and my daughter was up late studying, ultimately ill-prepared for her exams.””

The Times also reported that a Paltrow neighbor, Bret Lewis, wants he kicked out of the community.

““She belongs in the movie theaters, and President Obama can entertain in the Staples Center,” he said.”

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