Obama’s Paltry CDC Containment of Ebola Spreads Risk Across Country

Nurse’s Ebola-exposed dog getting better care than humans
Nurse’s Ebola-exposed dog getting better care than humans

Two nurses infected by an open borders traveler. People exposed to Ebola allowed to travel the country at will. Yet the Obama administration claims they have the Ebola outbreak under control.

This morning the nation learned a second Dallas nurse who treated Liberian national Thomas Duncan has tested positive for Ebola.

Then it was announced the new Ebola patient was flying on a crowded passenger plane just the day before she was hospitalized. Apparently CDC protocols do not call for Ebola caregivers to not travel around the country during the virus’ 21 day incubation period.

Nurses at the Dallas hospital where Duncan was treated have gone public with horror stories of the lack of precautions to prevent the spread of Ebola during Duncan’s treatment there.

The CDC let the family of Thomas Duncan live in Ebola filth in their apartment for days before being relocated under enforced quarantine after the family violated a voluntary quarantine.

The CDC also allowed the family caregiver for Duncan who called the ambulance for him when he was vomiting ‘wildly’ to go shopping and stay in her powerless apartment under a voluntary quarantine.

An NBC news crew was in a voluntary quarantine until Dr. Nancy Snyderman was seen picking up her food at a popular restaurant.

The most attentive care given so far in the Ebola scare has been to the dog of Ebola patient Nina Pham.

Pham’s dog Bentley is under 24 hour police guard at a former naval air station in Dallas with round the clock care.

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