Obama Ebola Czar Has NO PLANS to Travel to Dallas – US Ebola Epicenter

If Obama’s chiding weekly address wasn’t enough to demonstrate that he has no sense of urgency in curtailing Ebola, how do the facts that Ron Klain has not even begun the job he’s so unqualified for, has no plans to travel to Dallas, the current epicenter, and instead a Latino vote wrangler was dispatched just as early voting in Texas begins grab you?

Graphic via RushLimbaugh.com

Graphic via RushLimbaugh.com

Ebola Response Coordinator Klain is not in Dallas and does not have immediate plans to travel there.
WFAA reported:

The White House has quietly dispatched Adrian Saenz, deputy director of intergovernmental affairs, to be the administration’s eyes and ears on the ground in Dallas, coordinating Ebola efforts with state and local officials…

…According to ABC, Ebola Response Coordinator Klain is not in Dallas and does not have immediate plans to travel there.

Adrian Saenz will report directly to newly named “Ebola czar” Ron Klain, who doesn’t officially start his new role until later this week.”

Adrian Saenz “served as Senior Advisor at Organizing for Action, and previously served as the National Latino Vote Director for the Obama-Biden re-elect…responsible for developing and overseeing the campaign’s program to engage, mobilize, and turn out Latino voters.” Per his twitter account, he’s also a “former Senior Advisor for Immigration Reform”. His twitter feed is filled with immigration reform and “undocumented worker” advocacy. Curiously, not a thing about EBOLA.

In case Klain’s appointment didn’t make it obvious enough, Obama sees Ebola as an election issue, not a public health issue. God help us.

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