‘Obama Drone’ Posters Mock Gwyneth Paltrow Ahead of Obama L.A. Fundraiser

Guest post by Kristinn Taylor

obama drone

Posters mocking actress Gwyneth Paltrow as an ‘Obama drone’ have appeared in her Los Angeles neighborhood days before President Barack Obama headlines a Democratic Party fundraiser at Paltrow’s home.

Photos of the poster were tweeted by @rockprincess818 on Monday.


The Obama-Paltrow fundraiser is scheduled for Thursday and comes amid a blitz by Obama this week of at least seven fundraisers one month ahead of the mid-term elections.
CBS reported tickets for the fundraiser run up to $32, 400 per person.

The poster is the work of Sabo, the artist known for guerrilla street poster campaigns about (a tattoed) Ted Cruz, and (Abortion Barbie) Wendy Davis to name a few.

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