CANADA Fears Catching Ebola from the US, Thanks to Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox

Kaci Hickox, the self-centered Ebola nurse fighting quarantine efforts in the border town of Fort Kent, Maine is now spreading Ebola fears to Canada.

America’s neighbor to the north is concerned after Hickox terrorized her hometown with her devil may care attitude toward her countrymen.

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CTV reports residents of Clair, New Brunswick, just across the border from Hickox’s hometown of Fort Kent, are ‘nervous’ about Hickox’s refusal to abide by quarantine orders. They fear she could spread Ebola to Canadians who visit Fort Kent. That concern was exacerbated by Hickox’ in-your-face bike ride Thursday morning.

The Canadian government has taken measures to screen Hickox should she try to enter Canada.

“The news of her bike ride spread quickly across Fort Kent, a town of 4,300 residents, and spilled across the border to its Canadian cousin, Clair, N.B.

“Sandra Moran lives in Clair and visits Fort Kent frequently. She admits she is concerned about coming into contact with Hickox.

“It’s worrying. I have two kids and I go to Fort Kent regularly, so it’s still worrying,” says Moran.

“Fort Kent and Clair are joined by a bridge that not only links two communities and countries, but also families, friendship and commerce.

…”The Canada Border Services Agency says it is prepared in case Hickox attempts to cross the border into Canada. Officials say she would be referred to a quarantine officer for a mandatory health assessment.

“But Linda Charette, who runs a gift shop in Clair, says the situation has her feeling uneasy.

“Being a nurse, to me, she should go to the hospital and have herself checked to make sure she don’t have it because we’re right across the border and we go often and the States being so close, gets us nervous over here,” says Charette.”

The governor of Maine said after Hickox’ bike ride that he will use the “full extent of his authority” to deal with Hickox’s potential threat to public health.

Hickox is fighting a twenty-one day quarantine after returning from treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone. While she has tested negative for Ebola, there are concerns the tests were taken too soon in the incubation period for accurate results.

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