Man Jailed For Legally Owning Gun Publishes Book

While Brian Aitken’s The Blue Tent Sky: How The Left’s War On Guns Cost Me My Son And My Freedom is written is an unassuming and accessible way, it is by no means an ‘easy read.’ In fact, it will likely be the most difficult book you’ll ever read.

blue ten sky

Brian Aitken is a man who was forced into a tragedy thought inconceivable in the United States — being stripped of his family and his freedom all for owning a gun in New Jersey. When Brian was pulled over in 2009 he had not committed any crimes, the guns he would be charged with illegally possessing was legally purchased, transported, and even stored while moving it to his new apartment in Hoboken. An outstanding citizen and entrepreneur, Brian could not have done more to follow strictly the letter of the law.

Sadly, this would do nothing to stop an activist judge from sentencing Brian to seven years in prison under bogus charges as a deterrent to other gun owners.

Brian sat in a federal prison for 161 days before being released by Governor Chris Christie. Though Brian was not forced to spend his felony sentence in jail he has had to suffer the effects of it ever since. Despite the fact that Brian was exonerated of any wrongdoing he still maintains his convicted felon status, meaning that Brian can not longer vote, own a gun, travel abroad, or see his son.

In his book, Brian eloquently states that if he was to be made an example of by the state of New Jersey, he was not going to be the example they wanted him to be. Brian has fought his wrongful conviction at every turn and has been a voice for those also being targeted by New Jersey’s vicious anti-gun laws.

Last year Brian began a crowdfunding campaign to write his memoir, petition the Supreme Court, and regain custody of his son. After his project was banned by Kickstarter for ‘not meeting the company’s guidelines,’ it eventually found a home on Indiegogo where the project raised over $40,000 by pre-selling more than a thousand copies of a yet unwritten book.

After an arduous year of writing and painstaking research, Brian’s memoir is finally available online and in bookstores around the country.

If you can resist the temptation to travel to New Jersey and pelt your hardback copy at gun hating prosecutors and judges, then The Blue Tent Sky can easily be read in a day or two. That being said, overcoming this urge may prove very difficult for anyone with a modicum of reverence for the United States Constitution.

Brian is a man who no matter how many times he is kicked refuses to stay down. While his story is unique, it could easily become the story of any gun owning citizen. Please consider supporting Brian by ordering his book here.


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