MAJOR AFRICAN-AMERICAN GROUP Endorses GOP Candidate in St. Louis County: “Sometimes You Have to Spank Your Child”

The newly formed group of African – American politicians known as The Fanny Lou Hamer Coalition held a press conference today in Berkley, Missouri to endorse Republican Rick Stream for St Louis County Executor.
Among the attendees was the outspoken Mayor of Berkeley Theodore Hoskins whose town is just a stone’s throw away from #Ferguson. He made it clear that they are tired of being taken for granted by the Democratic Party.

A short transcript and the video can be seen below.

Hoskins – “This is about year after year we have been ignored. I take no more. The County Exec will be determined by the black community and we have selected and endorsed Rick Stream.”

Hoskins – “Some times you have to spank your child. We are punishing the Democratic Party because they have disrespected us.”


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