Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: US Airstrikes Not Working – Obama Must Want Islamist State in Damascus (Video)

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Clearly the US Airstrikes in Iraq-Syria Are Now Working
This is a fraud and the people in Kobane are going to pay a price for his fecklessness.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters with Megyn Kelly

Clearly the US airstrikes in Iraq are not working. ISIS is taking over Kobani in Syria in the battle for Syrian Kurdistan. According to Lt Col Peters the US actions against ISIS have been paltry from the start. Obama launched a folly air campaign and warned ISIS we’re coming and hit empty buildings in the dead of night as well as empty camps. When ISIS was out in the open in mass outside of Kobani they were sitting ducks which could have been annihilated easily. But for some reason Obama didn’t do it leading to his actions being called fraudulent and political in nature.

Obama’s foreign policy has been shocking at best. He is letting ISIS slaughter Kurds. Obama’s foreign policy has been shocking at best. He is not afraid to bomb or attack those who he thinks should be attacked. Obama sided with Al Qaeda in Libya when bombing Gaddafi. He supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt when they took over there. He called for action against Assad in Syria and has called for supporting some more radicals in Syria to fight Assad and ISIS. Peters says Obama wants an Islamist state in Damascus just not ISIS.

This was posted on a Kurdish Twitter account on Friday.
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