Liberian Cab Driver: Thomas Duncan’s Friend Was So Sick She Was Bleeding From Her Mouth (Video)

The cab driver who drove US Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan to the hospital with his sick pregnant friend said the woman was so sick she was bleeding from her mouth.

The cab driver Jiminez Grugbaye spoke with reporters this week.

All five people who rode with Williams later died of Ebola or were infected with it.
The Daily Mail reported:


The Liberian cab driver who ferried U.S. Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan and a pregnant 19-year-old who he was helping has said that she was so sick, she could not walk and had blood trickling out of her mouth.

It is believed that Duncan contracted the deadly virus on that the taxi ride in Monrovia with Nathaline Williams. Ebola spreads by contact with an infected person’s blood, sweat, saliva or other bodily fluids.

Five people rode in Jiminez Grugbaye’s cab as they search for a hospital for Williams on September 15. Williams later died of Ebola. Her brother, who was with her in the car, died a few weeks later. Her parents, who were also in the cab, are currently hospitalized with the disease.

Still, when Duncan flew out of Monrovia en route to Dallas, Texas, he claimed he had not come in contact with anyone infected with Ebola.

When he showed up at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas with a fever, headache, abdominal pain and decreased urination on September 15, he again claimed he had never come in contact with anyone afflicted with the virulent virus that has already killed 3,300 in West Africa, the hospital announced on Thursday.

The Texas Ebola victim’s family is quarantined under armed guard.
This was after family members would not comply with a request to not leave their apartment.

Via On The Record:

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