LIB COLUMNIST: Ebola Becoming “Political Nightmare” for Democrats

Remember when Obama said…
“Chances of Ebola Outbreak in U.S. Extremely Low.”

Today the second confirmed Ebola case was announced in Dallas, Texas.
cdc patient
Dr. David Lakey, Texas Department of State Health Services Commissioner, said officials are still unsure how this happened.

New Yorker columnist John Cassidy: Ebola Becoming Election Nightmare for Democrats

New Yorker columnist John Cassidy wrote an article last week on how the politics of Ebola could spell electoral doom for the Democrats should more cases arise in the U.S.

“Welcome to the great Ebola scare of 2014, which pits an increasingly jumpy American public against the technocrats of the Centers for Disease Control and the Obama Administration.”

With the announcement Sunday of a new Ebola case in Texas it looks like his worst fears for the Democrats could be realized.

Cassidy laments:

“As public unease mounts, the Republicans are positioning themselves as Ebola hawks, and the Democrats risk being caricatured as doves. If you turn on right-wing talk radio, you will hear Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and others excoriating the White House for failing to seal America’s borders—a charge they are already linking to the debate about immigration reform.”

Unmentioned by Cassidy is the concurrent mysterious spread of the Enterovirus 68 which has killed several children and sickened nearly seven hundred children and adults across the country since summer. The rise of the Enterovirus 68 followed the Obama administration transporting tens of thousands of contagious disease-ridden illegal alien families and unaccompanied children around the country to unsuspecting neighborhoods.

More from Cassidy:

“If, in the next few weeks, more Ebola cases turn up on American soil, and, particularly, if a cluster of cases emerges, the politics could get very ugly. One thing’s for sure: it wouldn’t be just Rob Astorino, the G.O.P. no-hoper in the New York gubernatorial election, calling for travel bans and other draconian measures. It would be Republican candidates in tight midterm races all across the country.

“And the unavoidable reality is that the public would support their demands. Experts can point out until they’re blue in the face that the odds of getting Ebola are tiny, and that many other scourges, such as traffic deaths, accidental shootings, and suicides, pose a much bigger danger to the public. It won’t make any difference…”

In this country, Ebola isn’t yet a huge public-health threat. But it’s fast becoming a political nightmare.

A political nightmare is better than the real Ebola nightmare of waking up to find your apartment complex sealed off while men in space suits try to decontaminate the area from the latest infection of a virus the Obama administration allowed in the country.

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