Latest Stupid Statement from Susan Rice: Campaign Against ISIS Would Not Benefit From US Troops on the Ground (Video)

It’s one thing to not have the will to fight.
But, to claim US forces would be unable to challenge ISIS on the ground is just ignorant.

Susan Rice doubled-down on President Obama’s pledge that there would be no US troops on the ground in Iraq. Rice told “Meet the Press” that US troops would not help the situation.

“Let’s be clear here. The president has been very plain that this is not a campaign that requires or even would benefit from American ground troops in combat again… The Iraqis have to be in the lead. They have to have the capacity and the will to hold territory against ISIL on their own.”

ISIL just took another Anbar city today after the Iraqi military abandoned a key base near Hit.


Meanwhile, top US military commanders are pushing Obama to fight ISIS with ground troops in Iraq.

More… Here’s another idiotic statement by Rice: Our ISIS strategy cannot be judged by our failure to save Kobani or Anbar.

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