Jesse Jackson Blames Racism for Ebola Patient’s Death (Video)

Jesse Jackson blamed racism for Texas Ebola patient’s death.
Jackson accused the hospital of giving Nigerian immigrant Thomas Eric Duncan inferior care because he was black.

WFAA reported:

National civil rights leader Jesse Jackson visited Dallas Tuesday to see first-hand how Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan is being cared for at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

Rev. Jackson said he came at the request of Duncan’s family, who told him they were not getting enough information from the doctors, and that Duncan was not getting the best care America had to offer.

In the morning, Jackson compared Duncan’s care to what American-born Ebola patients have received at other U.S. hospitals…

…At a news conference following the vigil, Jackson was asked if he thought there was an issue of racism at play.

“I don’t want to say that, only because that could become the headline,” he said. “Whether you are white in Atlanta or whether you are white in Nebraska or black in Dallas — we know there’s different treatment among blacks in this country.”

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