#ISIS Commits Mass Slaughter of Sunnis in Hit, Iraq – POSTS PHOTOS & VIDEO

The Islamic State slaughtered 46 Sunni opposition fighters in the street of Hit (Heet) Iraq.

ISIS lined up the prisoners and shot them dead in the street.
hit iraq slaughter

From the tweet: (translated) Was retribution from 46 apostate awakening Albonmr front of a gathering of people in the Heat # # Ath_alasalamah @ Aboomar19921992


The terror group reportedly slaughtered the men for their support to the Iraqi government.
FOX News reported on the mass slaughter:

Islamic State group militants lined up 30 men in western Iraq and shot them dead Wednesday, an official and residents said, the latest mass killing carried out by the group since its advance across the country.

The slayings, on a main street in the al-Bakir district in the town of Hit, targeted Sunnis tribal fighters allied with the government and members of the security forces that the extremists captured when they overran the town, the official and the residents said.

The militants first paraded the men through town, shouting through loudspeakers that the captured men were apostates who fought against them, residents said. The extremists then lined up the men and shot them dead with assault rifles, residents said.

ISIS posted video of the slaughtered Iraqis later this week.

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