Iraqi Military Abandons Key Base in Anbar Province to #ISIS

The Iraqi military abandoned another base in Anbar province Monday.
isis anbar
ISIS is on the verge of taking the entire Anbar province on Baghdad’s doorstep (WYFF)

The Iraqi military abandoned a key base in Anbar Province near Hit after heavy fighting with ISIS.
CNN reported:

Iraq’s military abandoned a strategically important base in Anbar province after heavy fighting with ISIS militants, provincial security force sources told CNN on Monday.

The base outside the city of Hit was one of the Shiite-led government’s few remaining military outposts in Anbar, a predominantly Sunni province that has increasingly fallen under ISIS control.

It is a key control point for roads running through the region.

Despite the loss, the Iraqi military still controls the Ayn al-Asad military base, which helps defend Iraq’s second-largest dam.

The US Lost 1,335 Soldiers in Anbar – ISIS takes it back.
anbar iraq US casualties
The United State lost 1,335 soldiers in Anbar Province during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Another 8,205 soldiers were injured in fighting in Anbar.

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