Govt. Expert: You Can Contract Ebola By Sitting Next to Infected Person on Bus (Video)

During the House Oversight and Governmental Reform Committee Hearing on Ebola Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) asked the question, “Can Ebola be contracted by touch?” and “Can Ebola be contracted sitting by someone on a bus?” When the questions are all but answered he finds a way to get his answer, in this short clip.

Rep. Thomas Massie: Can Ebola survive outside of a patient on an inert surface for any period of time?

Dr. Lurie: It can survive on an inert surface for variable periods of time.

Rep Massie: Is is possible, I’m not asking you if it’s likely, Is is possible that somebody could contract Ebola sitting on a bus next to somebody who has it? Could you imagine a way that could happen? Is it possible?

Dr. Lurie: One would have to have been in contact with the body fluids of that person.

Rep. Massie: Does that include perspiration?

Dr. Lurie: It does include perspiration.

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